Accounts and Projects Management

After logging into the Tenant Manager click on Cloud projects/Wallets on the left bar menu to see your project details.


In this tab you can check:

  • the Account Name assigned to your Organization,

  • Cloud location,

  • Projects (OpenStack projects assigned to your account),

  • Wallet/Contract (billing mode; for more details please visit Wallets and Contracts Management)

Please note that a default Wallet is automatically assigned to your account.

You can change wallets by clicking on inherits, however:

  • The change will be applied immediately and will affect how you are billed for services.

  • The dates of the current and next wallet cannot overlap.

  • If you leave a gap between the current and the next wallet, the account will inherit the wallet from the parent account during this time, if available.

To activate the new project please click Activate.