How can I open port 80 for http for my service or instance on EO-Lab

Log in to your EO-Lab hosting account with Horizon interface:

As a general introduction to Security Groups, please see How to use Security Groups in Horizon on EO-Lab.

To open a new port for a service on an instance, click Project -> Network -> Security Groups and click on Create Security Group.


By default, the newly created group will have two Egress (outgoing) rules - for IPv4 and IPv6.


You need to create a new Ingress (incoming) rule that should look like this:

Ingress    IPv4    TCP    80 (HTTP)

To do that, click on button + Add Rule and enter the following data:


After creating a new Security Group you have to add it to your instance.

To do so, simply click Project -> Compute -> Instances, then select Edit Security Groups and add it by clicking the + button.