How to Access VMs Using Names Instead of IP Addresses?

All virtual machines communicate with each other within the LAN and some may be reachable from the Internet via Floating IP addresses. By default, public addresses (floating-ip, 74.63.x.x) have no assigned names by default. You can assign names through your DNS server.

If you need the name just to access the VM from your office workstation, the simplest way is to add its IP-address and friendly name to /etc/hosts. Here is an example: bastion-cf2.novalocal bastion-cf2 localhost osiol

The VMs in a given project share a common „private” network – by default, this is 10.0.x.x. You may create additional private networks containing any addresses you like. However, these will not have DNS configured by default. If the VMs are expected to recognize others by their names, either /etc/hosts need to be created and copied to all VMs, or a private DNS server must run on one of them. Moreover, although the addresses are dynamically assigned they are constant – they do not change from the moment of creation to the moment of deletion of the VM.