How to Share Folders Using NFS

If you want to share storage on a virtual machine, you first need to prepare the volume and set up server NFS.


A NFS share connection is working in a local network only.

Install NFS Server on Server System Side

sudo apt install nfs-kernel-server

Choose an NFS export directory. In this example, it is /mnt/share - but of course you can chose a different one:

sudo mkdir /mnt/share

Specify the appropriate rights for the directory (in the example: read/write):

sudo chmod 777 /mnt/share/

Set up NFS share access for the desired client systems. The permissions for accessing the NFS server are defined in the /etc/exports file. Open this file with the text editor:

$ sudo nano /etc/exports

You can provide access for a single client, multiple clients or an entire subnet. To provide access for a single client, add the following line to the export file and save it:

/mnt/share 10.x.x.x/,sync,no_subtree_check,no_root_squash)

The IP address above (10.x.x.x) should be changed to the local IP address of the desired client and can be found in OpenStack Dashboard.


Beware of using the public IP address. Using NFS is not very secure and should only be used inside the project

After granting access to the desired client systems, you need to export the NFS share directory and restart the NFS kernel server for the changes to come into effect:

$ sudo exportfs -a

Restart NFS services:

$ sudo systemctl restart nfs-kernel-server

Install NFS Client on Client System Side

Update the system packages and repositories before installation:

$ sudo apt update

Install nfs-common packages:

$ sudo apt install nfs-common

Next, create a mount point on which you will mount the NFS share from the NFS server:

$ sudo mkdir /mnt/clientshare

Change permissions:

chmod 777 /mnt/clientshare

Mount server shared directory:

sudo mount -o 10.x.x.x:/mnt/share /mnt/clientshare

Now we can check in the system if a mounted NFS folder exists:

df -h