How To Access The CREODIAS Repository From A VM?

You have the option of mounting the CREODIAS repository on a VM, as well. First, you will need to send a request to Support. When you have received your credentials please follow the steps below:

Open your virtual machine console and create a text file with your access and secret keys:

sudo nano /etc/passwd-creodias

Paste access and secret key with a colon between them:


Save it with Ctrl + X and confirm with “Y”.

Change the permissions of the file:

sudo chmod 600 /etc/passwd-creodias

Edit file fstab:

sudo nano /etc/fstab

Copy and paste the following text to fstab file (should be a single line):

s3fs#DIAS /eodata fuse noauto,_netdev,allow_other,passwd_file=/etc/passwd-creodias,use_path_request_style,uid=0,umask=0222,mp_umask=0222,mp_umask=0222,gid=0,url=,max_stat_cache_size=60000,list_object_max_keys=10000,sigv2,comment=cloudconfig 0 0

Save it with Ctrl + X and confirm with “Y”.

Now you can mount CREODIAS repository with the following command:

sudo mount /eodata

You can check if it worked by listing the contents of the /eodata directory.

ls /eodata

The output of the command should look similar to this:

C3S   CEMS  CMEMS    Envisat-ASAR  Landsat-5  Landsat-8  Sentinel-1      Sentinel-2  Sentinel-5P
CAMS  CLMS  Envisat  Jason-3       Landsat-7  SMOS       Sentinel-1-COG  Sentinel-3  auxdata