Status and Power States of Instances on EO-Lab

In OpenStack, instances have their own Status and Power State:

  • Status informs about the present condition of the VM, while

  • Power States tell us only whether virtual machines are running or not.


There are six Power States, divided into two groups, depending on whether VM is running or not.

Power States

While running:

NO STATE - VM is running, but encountered fatal errors that may require debugging

RUNNING - VM is running fine

PAUSED - VM is frozen and a memory dump is made

While turned off:

SHUT DOWN - VM is powered off properly

CRASHED - VM is turned off due to a fatal error

SUSPENDED - VM is blocked by the system

Status and its Conditions

Status may have one of the following conditions:

ERROR – instance is not working due to problems in creation process

ACTIVE – instance is running with the specified image

PAUSED – instance is paused with the specified image

SUSPENDED – instance is suspended with the specified image, with a valid memory snapshot

SHUT OFF – instance is powered down by the user and the image is on disk

SHELVED OFFLOADED – instance is removed from the host and it can be reactivated using the Unshelve instance button

RESIZED/MIGRATED - instance is stopped on the source node but running on the destination node. Images exist at two locations. User intervention is required.