How to Transfer Data to/from a VM?

Data transfer speed always depends on multiple factors like connection- and network speed, machine speed and more. Please keep in mind that transferring large amounts of data might take considerable amounts time.

Linux to Linux Transfer

The easiest and most convenient way is to use copiers of the ssh family: scp or sftp. These are inherently available on all machines and require little to no configuration.

If you want to send data from your local Linux to your Linux VM with the address 194.152.x.x:, use the following command:

home_server$ scp /path/to/my/files/*  [email protected]:/where/to/put/them

When sending data from your VM to your local machine, just change directions, like this:

home_server$ scp [email protected]:/files/for/download/* /where/to/put/them

Windows to Windows Transfer

When you are using Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) you can simply use copy/paste for copying data between your local PC and your remote instance.