How to access a VM from Windows (PuTTY)?

See also How to Create Key Pair in OpenStack Dashboard on EO-Lab.

Go to the OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon) and note down the floating IP address of your Virtual Machine:


Open PuTTYGen to convert the private key file to ppk format (This format is being used by PuTTY client). Click on the “Load” button.


Choose the key file. Assure that you have set the visibility to “All files”.


A popup window informs you about a successful import.


Save your imported private key in ppk format.


Open the PuTTY Configuration tool and check the marked labels:



  1. Host Name (or IP address) → Enter the floating IP address that you noted down during the first step in the Horizon Panel

  2. Port → Assign an SSH service port, by default it is set up on 22

  3. Connection type → Select SSH

The configuration has been set up. Expand the SSH section.


Expand the Auth section and provide a private key file by clicking on “Browse”


Select the respective key:


(Optionally) Expand the “Connection” section and click on the “Data”.

Set Auto-login username: eouser.


For your comfort, you can name the session and store the settings for future usage:


Choose the desired session and click on “Open” to commence the ssh session:


If you are connecting to your VM via PuTTY for the first time, a popup window is displayed. We recommend saving the rsa key fingerprint for future connections from your computer.


If you logged in correctly you should see the following prompt: